Minggu, 02 Februari 2014

Blackhawks @ Sharks

Another battle for my 2 favorite teams. But, this time it was played at the Sharks Territory, SAP Center at San Jose. And the result is... The Sharks won it in shootout again! The game was ended with 1-1 after three periods and The Sharks won the shootout perfectly to make it 1-2. All of the Sharks shooters, Pavelski, Marleau, and Captain Thornton made the shootout and for The Blackhawks, Jonathan Toews made the shootout but PSharp didn't.
Joe Pavelski with another goal against the Blachawks.
Huge win for The Sharks, it snapped their losing streak, one of them was a lose against the Flames (man... Flames beat my favorite team again) also, it's closing the point gap between the Sharks (76) and Blackhawks (80).

Rabu, 29 Januari 2014

Calgary Flames' win against Blackhawks

I can't believe with the end of this game. Blackhawks lost to the Flames for real? I can't imagine why, but this is hockey, anything can happen. Also, a road win surely isn't easy to get. The full time score was 4-5 and T.J Brodie was the hero with his game winning OT goal. Congrats for the Flames! They are in 3 games winning streak now. (and this is happened after I bought a Flames jersey, LOL.)
It's so sad that the Blackhawks already lost in overtime 13 times (most in the NHL until now). And the Blackhawks are in a 4 games losing streak, plus their 1st place in the Central Division of the Western Conference has taken away by St. Louis Blues. Not a good week for the Blackhawks fans (including me).
And my favorite player Jonathan Toews scored 1 points (0 G, 1 A). He hasn't score in a game for multiple points lately, I hope he will doing great next games, go captain !
I hope the Blackhawks will snap their losing streak in the next game @ Vancouver Canucks, Go Blackhawks ! ONE GOAL !

Jumat, 17 Januari 2014

Anaheim Ducks KILLED Vancouver Canucks

OH MY GOD. That's my reaction when I saw the final score of the game between Canucks vs Ducks. The game was played on Wednesday, January 15, 10:30 PM @ Honda Center, Anaheim, California. The score is... 9-1 Ducks !
Oh man... Anaheim Duck is ON FIRE ! They keep winning on a big streak. And now they have 77 pts.
I expected more goals for the Canucks, I don't know why but it seems that Canucks is slumping this year. Also, maybe the injury of Roberto Luongo is the main reason too. their 2nd goalie Eddie Lack isn't good enough.
As I remember, the last game which Luongo was playing is @ The Kings, however they lost 1-3. The next 6 games -with Lack as a goalie- they only won once. Canucks are in 3 losing streak now. Well, I hope Canucks get their best luck and make the playoffs. Canucks is a big team (and Michael Buble's favorite team).

Sabtu, 11 Januari 2014

Digimon 02

I've been watching Digimon Adventure 02 lately. It's my childhood anime. I didn't watch it until the end when I was a kid, so I'm very happy to know how it ends. Daisuke Motomiya is a great character of course, a true moodmaker. He runs a ramen shop in the end lol.
But after all, my favorite character is... ICHIJOUJI KEN ! Ken all the way ! My favorite character since my childhood. I like Wormmon, I like the dark d3 digivice, i like his kindness. It's so sad that the dark seed made him became the cruel digimon kaiser.
When my friends asked me "what is your favorite digimon ?" I always answered "Wormmon." and they'd be like... "what ? why ? ther are so many cooler digimon than Wormmon." They don't know, when Wormmon evolved, he evolved to the powerful Stingmon. The most powerful champion level than the others, I think.
It's rather surprising to know that Ken married Miyako in the end, however, they are a good couple. Miyako is the right person to support the-emo Ken everytime.

Dirk's 40 pts

Mavs won against Pelicans 110-107, and..... my fav player Dirk Nowitzki had 40 pts ! Oh man, he is still an NBA star ! Dirk had 40 pts 4 Rebs 4 Asts and 2 Stls. He is an all star player of course. I hope that Mavs can win the 2nd ring this year... let the miracle happen.

Colts lost

It's been a great season for the Colts. But it can't be helped, Patriots is a better team. Andrew Luck ended with 4 INTs oh my God... The rushing performance of Pats is insane ! Ridley and Blount... It's strange that Tom Brady had 0 passing TDs.
Now I support the Seahawks to win the Superbowl, Russell is the man.

Rabu, 08 Januari 2014

Colts' playoff win

The Colts win again against Chiefs in the playoffs ! This win is so special because it's the 1st playoff win for Andrew Luck and the Peyton-less Colts. The scoreboard is crazy ! The Colts down 32 points and comeback to win the game 45-44. Man... this game must be a movie or anime or something like fictional story.
I feel sad for Jamaal Charles' injury, he is a great player and I hope he will recover soon. Next, Colts will face the Patriots (an amazing enemy). The showdown between 12s (Luck vs Brady).